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September – A Fruitful Month at Berg Bites

September, the first month of fall, came with a rich harvest of different events. Providing students with the oat energy bites to endure the back-to-school week during the American University Tasting Event, followed by a three-day marathon at Expo East in Baltimore, sponsorship of the Chesapeake Food Summit, and sampling during the Real Estate Mushball Classic – it rarely gets any more active than that.
Without a doubt, Expo East was the main event of the year. Bringing together more than 1,500 natural food brands and tens of thousands of attendees from both coasts, Expo East helped shed some light on the original oat and energy bites as well. It was the first time Berg Bites participated in a trade show of this scale and could both get some feedback from a diverse range of visitors and talk about potential business expansion possibilities. While people loved the traditional peanut butter and chocolate chip flavors and more uncommon sunflower butter combinations, ‘puck’, the unique and reusable Berg Bites packaging, is what caught their eyes most often. A blogger from Foodscape Finds even referred to it as ‘retro and current’. And you – are you more of a puck or bar person?
September was also filled with several tasting events. From the very beginning, promoting healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition to adults, youth and children was the primary objective of Berg Bites. That is why the company has always been supportive of events that allow bringing healthy energy bites closer to people. In the first week of September, Berg Bites gave out some energy boosting snacks to students of the American University during the tasting event at Davenport Café.
Likewise, the last weekend of the month saw the company making sure that the participants of the Real Estate Mushball Classic, organized by Washington Nationals, are all fueled for the next mushball game. Above all that, Berg Bites also went on as a vendor sponsor at the Chesapeake Food Summit with a mission to improve food systems and make local food more available to communities, which was completely in line with the oat bite producer.
October has just started and we are looking forward to fall foliage, as well as new opportunities to share our passion for healthy and delicious food. This is the best time to go hiking and explore some great trails, but do not forget to grab a bite for that extra energy boost before you hit the road.

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